Aura Cleanmax/roboclean SPLUS Vacuum Cleaner /Cleaning Robot

Asst. Prof. Ömer Kamber

Home Appliances Design Aura Cleanmax/roboclean SPLUS Vacuum Cleaner /Cleaning Robot by Asst. Prof. Ömer Kamber It is a cleaning robot which performs the duties of 6 different machines in a single machine. It is a vacuum cleaner, deep cleaner that clean the carpets sofas and beds with its power nozzles, carpet and hard floor washing machine, air purifier with negative ionizer, air freshener with different fragrances and vacuuming device to sucks the air from your cushions and pillows. It has touch screen control panel, 9 different motor power stage settings by slider, energy saving double fan separator motor and high suction. Also it has detachable remote control with LCD screen.


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